See the Countries with The Fast-Residency Visa Approvals

Now is the time to put your travel plans on board or you've been preparing to move to a new country for some time and try new things, meet different types of people or just want to spend a year overseas, but with the difficulty of getting a visa, it's easy to get frustrated and put away the fantasy.
Here is a list of the best countries where securing a residency visa is easy and affordable.

1: Austria

Austria’s location places it at a good spot, ideal for exploration of other European countries easily, We can describe Austria as a gorgeous small country that offers life plenty of mountain fun in the form of the snow-capped Alps, which actually cover 65% of Austria.
The lifestyle associated in Austria is sometimes described in modern times as a “perpetual resort”.

The only drawback visiting Austria is the high housing prices which are high. The tiny country, however, provides 10 different forms of residency visas, and if you can afford it, you can easily apply to stay here.
You will need to apply for visa and residency permit in Austria from your home country, unless you are a resident of the United States or a European Union country, which makes you eligible for a D-visa that grants you residence in Austria for up to six months before you apply for a residence permit.

2: Canada

Canada ranks #1 in the world for quality of life for the 4th year in a row, the country has compassionately opened its borders to refugees from war-torn countries.

Another good place to travel and enjoy life is Canada! It’s one of the friendliest and warm place to visit. And while you might not think of Canada as beachy, it actually has the longest coastline in the world at 202,080 km.
However, to easily get along with Canada you need to show some professional skills.

3: Belgium

Belgium is nice country lots of good stuffs, If you love the idea of enjoying limitless beer and chocolate in a cozy little country dotted with gorgeous architecture and breathtaking natural beauty, consider Belgium. It is also a very progressive country.

10 Best Countries with Fast and Easy Residency Visa approvals.

You will need a job to be granted a permanent residency visa, but you can apply from home. Once you land a job, you only need to hold onto it for two weeks before becoming eligible for a residency permit.
That’s not an offer to stay forever just yet, but as long as you keep working, you are moving toward it.

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